Digital Narratives Games

Skills Practice: A Home Visit

The game consisted of a simulation where I was a community health nurse assigned to complete a home visit with Irina, a victim of domestic abuse. This game was definitely interesting to play, and a lot more different than any games I have played in the past. I felt sad playing this game, because it portrayed the reality that thousands of people live on a daily basis. I also felt conflicted, because it was hard to make a decision on what the right choice is here. What I learned and something I always knew but was emphasized on more during this game, is that human emotions are such a complex dynamic. I made the decisions based on what I thought was right, and I almost got it wrong every time. What works for me might not work for someone else, what I want to hear might not what someone else wants to hear, and the kind of help I would accept isn’t necessarily similar as to what kind of help others would accept. One suggestion for improving this game would be no right or wrong answer. Although I am aware of the fact that dealing with traumatized people does take a special kind of delicacy, but at the end of the day it all depends on the trust between you and said person. It felt like the game was rigged to have a correct an incorrect answer even though in reality, it revolves around many other factors. It deeply upset me when Irine said “For the first time in my life, I have no control.” And it really got me thinking about how although there are some things we can’t control in life, but we do have the upper hand in so many things. Victims of self abuse feel so small and powerless, like they’re a slave more than a human being. I can’t imagine how that feels like, to be stripped of your own humanity and getting taken for a punching bag. I overall however, enjoyed playing this game and it was a real eye opener.

Depression Quest

This game revolved around somewhat of a simulation, where I was living the life of a depressed person in their 20s. This game was heavy, I’m not gonna lie, it was also so relatable. I felt like I went back a few years, when I’m sure I probably had depression. Whilst playing the game, it felt so familiar, because this was my life a couple years back. The lack of motivation, the never ending thoughts, the burdening anxiety, and the feeling of an unsatisfying life. During this game, I learned that we’re all in the same boat. People who are depressed are more similar to one another than we all think. I also learned that the refusal of help, will not make anything better. Choosing to ignore the burden isn’t gonna make it lighter, it’s just gonna pile up until you end up exploding. Depression is no joke, and not something to be taken lightly. If you choose to ignore it, you will suffer, and sometimes there’s no coming back from it. One improvement I have for this game is for it to not be too repetitive. It felt like I was reading the same thing over and over again, and it was also way too long. It could’ve been so much more interesting and engaging if done through a video or a simulation, then you would be able to actually live the life of that person.

Sleep Deprived Mom Game

To play this game, I had to pretend that I am a mother who has a child and no nanny. I had to make decisions on what I would do with my child when she has a fever, when she refuses to go to bed, how many hours I would sleep due to taking care of my child, etc. I felt like I am someone who never wants to have a child to be honest. Even though it is bound to happen in the future, I don’t think I’ve ever felt the need to want to have children, even before playing this game. Perhaps my mentality would change in the future, but for as long as I can remember, children were never part of my plan. I learned that motherhood is one hell of a job. There are so many sacrifices you have to make, the most important one for example, is sleep. Sleep is beyond important to me, and I know when the day comes and I have a child, I will have to throw it out the window. I also learned that it is a massive responsibility that you have to be sure that you can handle before deciding to bring a human being into this world. Because you will be responsible for it from a – z. A suggestion to improve this game would have it be longer, and have different other responsibilities. I thoroughly enjoyed it however, felt like a mama bear for a few minutes.

Student Experience of Proctoring

I really liked this because I went through it in real life, it wasn’t so much a game as much as it was a memory. It brought back so many horrible moments of respondus, the anxiety that crippled through me, the stress of not finishing in time, the idea that I could fail at any given moment if I make one move, it was horrible. What I learned when playing this game that I wasn’t the only one who felt like this. I wasn’t the only one who felt overwhelmed by the pressure that came with it. It’s good to hear. A suggestion would be to make it more creative, the game was so dull to me even though the idea behind it is fantastic. I think it could’ve been done in a better more realistic manner.

The 4 games I played were definitely not similar to one another at all. Each one portrayed a different reality, a different set of instructions, a different feeling, and most importantly, a different ending. I enjoyed the fact that they were different from another, as it was informative and enjoyable on multiple, various scales. There was something new, something better, something else. Each and every game presented a different set of ideologies, realities, and they were all presented in independent ways. I had a lot of fun playing these games, and they definitely taught me something. Each one had something different to offer, and a new perspective to look at.

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