“How can you not be a feminist?” That is the question of the century, it’s also the question whose answer you will not like. Although we are considered a somewhat “modern” generation, we still lack the most important pillar of them all; equality. Equality between two HUMAN BEINGS, in which their only minor difference is their gender. Who decided that men are superior to women? What or who embedded this idea in our minds since the beginning of time? Why is it so hard to see women as equals? Simple, because no one tried to challenge this ideology until now. But the question remains, how can you not want another human being, just like you, to have equal opportunities? Why is it seen as such a threat? Better yet, why are empowered women a threat to men? To put it simply, insecurity. Although not all men, but most men, believe that their masculinity will be downgraded the moment there’s equality. In reality however, it will only make us better and allow us to build each other up. Imagine a world where men and women were united as one. No sexism, no superiority, nothing but human beings trying to live a life. Are some men feminists? Absolutely, but not enough. Women shouldn’t have to fight with every fiber of their being to be respected, to be seen, and most importantly, to be heard. Is a woman’s only purpose in life is to give birth and raise kids? Absolutely not. We were all put on this earth to live a life, it shouldn’t be limited to the gender roles that our great ancestors have bestowed upon us and which we unfortunately live by until this day. If you’re not a feminist, then you have some serious issues that you need to work on.

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